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The UN climate conference in Bonna-Nuremberg is getting underway on Saturday, with world leaders set to discuss how to tackle the crisis.

However, many experts fear the agenda could be far more ambitious than the United Nations has proposed.

This article first appeared on BBC News.

The Paris climate deal has already been ratified by nearly 400 countries, which means that nearly half the world’s population has signed on.

But, as this map from the United States-based group Climate Reality Project shows, only a small portion of the world has actually signed up for the treaty, meaning that it has far less influence on the outcome.

This is a map from Climate Reality Projects that shows the actual number of people who have signed up to the Paris climate agreement, which is currently only 5% of the global population.

The United States is one of only two countries where the UN is only the second largest economy in terms of economic output, and it is a major player in the climate debate.

It has a large carbon footprint, and the US has long pushed for more stringent climate change targets than the rest of the developed world.

The country’s emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas responsible for climate change, are at a record high, and President Donald Trump’s administration has already announced its intention to cut emissions by at least 20%.

This year alone, the US emits more than 30% of all the CO2 it takes in.

The US also has an unusually large greenhouse gas emissions base, and climate experts expect the US to emit more than 80% of CO2 by 2050.

This is partly due to the fact that the country’s economy has grown rapidly since 2000, and its emissions are now well above pre-industrial levels.

This year, the country emitted 3.4% of its GDP, compared with 2% for the EU.

This means that the US emissions will more than double in the next few decades.

Another problem with the US’s emissions is that they are not uniform across the country.

For example, California’s emissions are more than twice as large as Texas’ emissions.

And California’s coal industry is a huge source of carbon pollution, and is responsible for over a quarter of the countrys emissions.

To meet its emissions targets, the United Kingdom will be the biggest carbon emitter on earth, and has an emissions target of almost 40% of GDP.

This country has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Paris agreement.

The UK is also the world leader in coal mining, and in 2015, the government committed to investing over £1bn in coal-fired power stations over the next ten years.

In the meantime, the world is facing an unprecedented level of warming.

The International Energy Agency has forecast that temperatures will rise by more than two degrees Celsius by the end of the century, which will cause the loss of more than half of all land surface and sea ice.

As a result, the planet will become increasingly unstable, with more and more people and species being pushed towards extinction.

As the UN’s climate talks get under way, this map shows the extent of sea ice in the Arctic, the North Pole, the Antarctic, the western hemisphere, and Canada, which shows how much sea ice has been lost from both the sea and land in the past few decades, and how much more the world will need to warm if global warming is to be reduced.

This map shows how ice has shifted in the polar regions since 1880.

The sea ice is the area where water cannot escape, and this is the region that most people rely on to keep their homes warm.

In the map, the darker the colour, the more ice has melted in that area.

This map shows a lot of this melting.

The polar regions are particularly vulnerable to sea level rise because they are in the North Atlantic, and there is less ice there than in the Antarctic.

In recent years, the melting has slowed down, but it is still more than three times the amount that was happening in the 1970s.

As the ice continues to melt, sea levels could rise much higher in the future.

This image shows the current extent of global sea level.

This includes changes in the shape of the sea, which varies across the ocean, as well as changes in how much land is in the oceans, such as land subsidence.

Sea level is the level of water above the surface of the ocean.

It is measured from the point where the ocean meets the surface and is between two meters and three meters deep.

It changes with time due to tides and winds, and changes over time due in part to changes in land use, like land clearing and the building of new islands.

This image shows what sea level would look like in 2100, based on the IPCC’s 2100 sea level projections.

The IPCC has set a range of climate projections, ranging from “near-term” scenarios where sea levels are around one meter (about 12 feet) higher than they are now to “medium” scenarios that would see sea levels rise by about 1.5 meters

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