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The top five men and women on the planet are the same age and the same height.

They also share the same race and sex.

They all also have one thing in common: They’re all members of the military.

This is the most powerful men and the most dangerous women in the world, according to an article in Newsweek that breaks down the most potent, dangerous, and influential men and female in the most modern era.

The five most powerful women in world history, according the article: The Five Most Powerful Women in World History (In Their Own Words) 1.

Hillary Clinton, President of the United States (Age: 78) 2.

Gloria Steinem, Founder of the Feminist Majority Foundation 3.

Susan B. Anthony, Former U.S. Senator (Age 50) 4.

Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Senator (65) 5.

Oprah Winfrey, Television Personality (68) The Five MOST POWERFUL WOMEN IN WORLD History by Newsweek 1.

Hillary Clinton, Former President of United States- 78.2m shares, 10.5 million followers.


Susan B. Johnson, Founder and President of FreedomWorks 3.

Elizabeth Warren, U. S. Senator for Massachusetts- 65.7m shares.


Elizabeth Taylor, Actress, Actress- 67.7 million shares.


Oprah Winfrey and Oprah Winery, TV and Radio Personality- 67 million shares (via Twitter).


President-Elect Donald Trump- 55.7million shares.



President Obama- 45.6 million shares 4.

Barack Obama, Democratic Party Presidential Candidate- 42.3 million shares 5.

Melania Trump- 42 million shares 3.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democratic Presidential Candidate – 40.4 million shares, 8.7% share.

4,7 million followers, 10% share 5.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker – 39.4million shares, 5.4% share 6.

Natalie Dormer, Actress – 38.4m shares 7.

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Actress and Actress- 33.6m shares 8.

Dennis Quaid, Actor – 30.4 m shares 9.

Gigi Hadid, Singer – 26.7M shares 10.

Cheryl Boone Isaacs, Actress & Songwriter – 23.5M shares The Five most powerful people in world History by Time magazine The Five greatest leaders in world histories: 1.

Alexander The Great (b.

1792-1856) 2,500,000.


3,000 members.

4-5,000 Members.

6-7,000 Shares.

8-9,000 Votes.


John Calvin (b: 1819-1864) 5,000-7 million Shares.

11-12,000 Voters.

13-14,000 Views.

15-16,000 Mins.

17-18,000 Supporters.

19-20,000 Troops.

21-22,000 War Assets.

23-24,000 Military Assets.

25-26,000 Ships.

27-28,000 Planes.

29-30,000 Aircraft.

31-32,000 People.

33-34,000 Soldiers.

35-36,000 Artists.

37-38,000 Writers.

39-40,000 Musicians.

41-42,000 Architects.

43-44,000 Businesses.

45-46,000 Scientists.

47-48,000 Engineers.

49-50,000 Veterinarians.

51-52,000 Doctors.

53-54,000 Firefighters.

55-56,000 Lawyers.

57-58,000 Teachers.

59-60,000 Medical Technologists.

61-62,000 Air Force Officers.

63-64,000 Marines.

65-66,000 Law Enforcement Officers.

67-68,000 Special Operations.

69-70,000 Police Officers.

71-72,000 Army Soldiers.

73-74,000 Coast Guardsmen.

75-76,000 Marine Corps.

77-78,000 National Guardsmen, Reservists, Paratroopers, and Military Police.

79-80,000 U.N. Members.

81-82,000 Presidents.

83-84,000 Foreign Ministers.

85-86,000 CEOs.

87-88,000 Governors.

89-90,000 Senators.

91-92,000 Dictators.

93-94,000 Leaders of Other Countries.

95-96,000 Famous People.

97-98,000 Athletes.

99-100,000 Comedians.

101-102,000 TV and Movie Stars.

103-104,000 Superstars.

105-106,000 Actor/Actresses.

107-108,000 Professional Golfers.

109-110,000 Golfers, PGA Tourers, Tourists, and Amateur Athletes, including Golfers of all Levels.

111-112,000 Tennis Players. 113-114

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