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Microsoft is adding a new search and Google Search services section to its sites to improve the company’s SEO efforts.

Microsoft has been experimenting with a new tool called Microsoft Search Engine Services, or MSSE, that it says can help it improve the quality of search results.

The tool is still being tested on sites and services that Microsoft owns.

MSSE is a way for Microsoft to better serve its customers and compete with the likes of Google, which has its own search engine, but which is also the most widely used search engine.

Microsoft says MSSE can help the company improve its SEO efforts by making it easier to locate and target relevant search results in the future.

Microsoft isn’t the only company trying to improve search.

Apple has also been experimenting in this area and recently launched a new feature called Apple Search.

Microsoft’s new search engine service also includes features like “search for keywords on your own site or on your network.”

Microsoft has said that MSSE helps it “accelerate search engine indexation” as well as improve the search experience.

Microsoft also recently updated its search algorithm to make it easier for users to locate search results and improve the relevancy of those results.

In addition to the new search service, Microsoft is working on a new Microsoft Edge browser that includes new search options that it said would improve the user experience and speed up the search engine for Microsoft Edge.

The company is also working on other search and SEO services, like the Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft is expected to unveil the new services at its annual developer conference on Monday.

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