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The Australian Financial Press has launched a new site designed to help businesses find new business ideas.

The new website has been created by Melbourne-based developer and entrepreneur David Tully, who also created the previous site.

David Tully said he wanted to create a new platform for businesses to get their ideas off the ground.

“It’s a bit like the way you’d go to an office to pitch a job,” he said.

Business ideas on the new site are not just about the idea itself.

They are also about how it will be presented, including the size of the company and the type of business.

In an article entitled ”A website for ideas, not jobs” in this week’s Australian Financial Report, Tully outlined the main areas of the site.

Business ideas will include: A ‘search’ tool to find businesses who might be interested in using a particular technology, product or service.

The ability to filter and sort business ideas by location, company name, market and contact details.

A listing of business ideas on an integrated search and advertising platform that will show which business ideas have been shared with others.

Tully said the platform would also be used by business owners who want to reach out to potential investors.

He said the site would also have a feature for listing new companies, which would be able to contact investors and get more information about their business.

“We think that’s the kind of thing that will get more business ideas, because people want to get to know the businesses,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“So that will help them find investors.”

Tulley said he had been working on the site for about a year and it had taken him about two months to design and build.

He told ABC News he hoped the site could be up and running within a few months.

He hopes to get some feedback on the platform during the first few weeks.


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