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Google, Amazon and Facebook, among others, are using DNS to determine the company’s location in Google Search, according to a new report from security firm Akamai.

The companies said their DNS servers were located in Europe, but Akamais report was based on a DNS lookup.

The reports findings were based on the fact that Akama’s network is used by Google, which has a large footprint in Europe.

“We were able to determine that Google’s DNS servers are located in the United Kingdom,” said Akama i researcher Alexey Petrov.

“This is an interesting result because Google does not provide a clear geographic indication for its DNS servers.

We also have no idea where the DNS servers of other Google service providers are located.”

The report said the DNS was configured to only allow a single IP address to be assigned to the site, meaning that when Google changed its DNS rules, it changed the IP address of the DNS server.

Akamaia said the change happened when the company changed its policies, but the DNS settings had never been changed.

“Google’s DNS is configured to use an address range of 64,144.00 to 64,168.00.

We’ve identified that Google uses a number of different DNS servers,” said Petrov in a statement.

“We suspect this is a deliberate choice by Google to obfuscate the DNS information to prevent the company from knowing the true geographic location of its customers.

Our analysis suggests that Google has set up DNS servers in multiple countries and has an unknown number of addresses.”

The companies did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Google’s privacy policy is fairly vague, though the company said in its privacy statement that its DNS system uses a private lookup service and that it only uses the private address.

“If a DNS server is configured for private lookup, we do not use it,” Google said in the statement.

The company also said it does not store any DNS information on servers.

Google also has a network of more than 60,000 independent DNS servers, according the company.

The DNS is used to manage the company websites and provide service to businesses.

Google, which also uses a DNS service, told the Guardian that it was “not aware” of the Akama reports findings.

The Guardian contacted Google for comment and did not receive a response by press time.

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