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Why it is the first year of the Trump administration that business is not a top concern in the U.S. economy.

Businesses and analysts say the administration has been too cautious in tackling global challenges.

And while they see Trump’s election as a boost to the economy, business leaders say it is too early to know how his presidency will impact them.

Trump’s campaign promises to roll back environmental and worker protections, to eliminate trade barriers and impose tariffs on imports and exports.

“The biggest challenge we face today is not our economy but our global competitiveness,” Trump said at a campaign rally in July.

“We are going to be doing a lot of things.

We are going with protectionism and protectionism is the biggest threat we face in the world today.”

Businesses are the country, not the president.

Trump said during the campaign that he would make America “great again” by “taking care of our businesses, rebuilding our infrastructure and making America great again.”

That message resonated with business leaders, who are largely opposed to the policies that he campaigned on, and Trump, who is expected to pick a chief executive to lead the new administration.

But Trump has also vowed to boost business, and he has promised to reduce regulations and boost business investment.

“It’s going to change the way that the country looks at everything,” said Bill Luskin, chairman and chief executive of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.

“They’re going to have to be very cautious about the kind of policies that they put in place.”

The new administration has also been critical of business, particularly in terms of trade policy, a major issue for business.

The president has promised a “big, beautiful” border wall and promised to renegotiate NAFTA.

But business leaders have said that such a trade deal would only hurt their companies and could lead to more U.s. job losses.

“I don’t see any path to economic growth in this country that is going to come from a border wall or tariffs on our exports, nor any path for us to be able to compete in the global marketplace,” said John Miller, a senior vice president at the Business Roundtable.

“And that’s why we’re very, very concerned about the direction of our economy.”

In fact, the Chamber of Commerce said it has not been impressed with Trump’s business-friendly approach to foreign policy.

The group, which represents the countrys largest businesses, has been calling for the Trump campaign to focus on jobs and growth instead of on the border wall.

“There’s a very real risk that any kind of policy on trade will only be a temporary fix for a very long period of time,” said Larry Noble, president and CEO of the chamber.

“For the president to say ‘Oh, we’re going in another direction, and we’re not going to do anything that hurts the economy’ is pretty dangerous.”

Trump’s first year has been a rough ride for business, which has been hurt by the slow economy, the political polarization of Washington and an increasingly harsh trade war with China.

The trade war has been devastating for American businesses, with businesses in China accounting for nearly half of the $2 trillion in U. S. exports in 2016.

The Trump administration has responded by calling for a “America First” trade policy and making trade deals more open.

But the administration also has pushed for an increase in the number of jobs in the United States, as well as a commitment to lowering the minimum wage and expanding the safety net.

In March, Trump said he would renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, which many U. s see as a key part of his business-first agenda.

“Let me just say this: We are not going anywhere,” Trump told the UBS Global Economic Forum in London.

“This is not going away.

We have renegotiated it a lot, we have made a lot more progress than we did in the past.

We will see how it plays out.

We’re going up against China.”

Trump has said he will withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade pact with 11 countries including China, India and Japan, and has said the U .s. will leave the Paris climate accord if he does not renegotiate it.

Trump has promised not to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and to cut taxes for businesses by 30 percent.

But he has also said that he wants to see how the country deals with the costs of the Affordable Care Act, which provides coverage to millions of people.

“If we don’t go into that together, we are not in the position we want to be in,” Trump has told his supporters.

“In other words, we cannot get to $16 an hour.

We cannot get there.”

The administration has said it is going forward with the ACA, and the Chamber has pushed back on Trump’s call for a border tax, saying it would create a “huge incentive for people to drive into Mexico to buy a car.” And

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