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The Federal Government has committed to pay the Domain Identity Providers Association of Australia $1.2 billion to support the transition of Australian government domains to the Domain Name System.

Domain identity providers are responsible for ensuring the integrity of the domain system, protecting the privacy of its users, and ensuring the proper functioning of its systems.

The new money will be spent on a range of infrastructure upgrades including improved internet security, more secure email and webmail, and better detection of malicious domains.

Domain Identity Provider Association of Australian president John White said the funding would allow the organisation to accelerate the transition to the new system.

“The new Domain Name Service is a key tool in the Domain Information System’s transition to an independent and secure digital identity system,” he said.

“This funding will support the Domain IDPA as we transition the Domain Service from the Australian Government’s IT systems to the National Digital Identity System.”

Domain identity provider industry body Domain Management Services Association of America said the $1 billion commitment was the first step in the Government’s transition.

“While we are excited about the Federal Government’s commitment to Domain IDPs, we also know that we need the help of Domain IDPers in this transition,” said Mr White.

“A Domain IDProvider is an essential member of our industry and a key part of our Domain IDPA portfolio.”

We look forward to working with the Federal Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to help support the implementation of this important transition in the coming months.

“The Federal Department for Communications and the Australian Information Privacy Commissioner have also announced that they will provide funding to Domain Identity Services Association Australia.

Federal Minister for the Information Technology and Innovation James Merlino said the Government would provide $1,000 to support Domain ID providers in the transition.

Domain registrar industry group Domain Registry Association of Australasia said the move was a positive step. “

We are looking at the DomainIDPSA to be an interim leader in this process and the Domain Registrar to be a long-term leader in the system, and we’re working with them to make sure that we get the most out of this transition and that we’re successful,” he told ABC News.

Domain registrar industry group Domain Registry Association of Australasia said the move was a positive step.

“Our members have long-standing relationships with Domain ID Providers, which ensures that they are able to continue to support our clients in this critical period of transition,” it said.

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