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Business listings are not exactly the new darling of the free internet.

That’s because the business listings are often a big pain in the ass.

Airtel, the nation’s second-largest telecom operator, has been offering free websites for more than a year.

And now the company has added free business listings to its website, a move that has drawn criticism from some online users.

According to a report by tech news website TechCrunch, Airtels free business listing features more than one million business owners.

And while the business listing is a free service, there are no ads and the site is fully searchable.

However, some users have said that the free listings don’t provide any value to their business.

One such user is Akshay Agarwal, an associate professor of information science at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

He said, “Airtels business listing has been a disappointment for me.

I am a non-tech user, so it does not make sense for me to go through the trouble of finding a free listing.”

Another user, Keshav Khatri, a developer who uses a smartphone app to manage his business, wrote that the listings are “not very useful for my business and don’t really help me to improve the customer experience.

I do not need the free listing because it provides me no value whatsoever.”

Airtelle is currently offering the free business-focused listings to all customers in India.

Users in India can access the free websites by going to the website’s main menu.

The company says that its free listing is designed for “business owners, freelancers, developers and others who are looking for a more flexible, easy to use, and free online platform for their business.”

The company has also been offering similar listings in several other countries.

Earlier this month, Aereo, the first US-based streaming video service, also started offering a free business business listing.

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