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The internet companies are getting big money from the federal government to help with cybersecurity, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

The department has announced that it will pay $1.5 billion to help companies, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others, implement security measures.

The move comes as the administration struggles to rein in cyberattacks and threats to American businesses, from Russia to China to Iran.

The funds will help companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook to develop more sophisticated security systems to protect against cyberattacks.

The funding is part of the Department’s National Cybersecurity Initiative, which also includes a cybersecurity research program and a cyber security budget.

In a statement, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson called the cyber funding a “critical investment for America’s national security and our economy.”

“The funding will ensure that our nation’s critical infrastructure, critical economic assets, and critical communications networks remain secure,” Johnson said.

DHS Secretary Johnson says the funding will help to support cybersecurity efforts across the government.

Here are some of the cybersecurity news from around the country this week.1.

A Russian hacker says he hacked into the Democratic National Committee and stole thousands of emails.

Russia says it found the emails after the DNC said it was hacked.

The hackers have threatened to release them.2.

The White House says it has begun a full review of cybersecurity practices at the Department, including the use of social media to share classified information.

The Department of Defense has been conducting a similar review for the last two years.3.

The Pentagon says the U.S. is “considering” new cyber attacks on its systems.

The Army and Marine Corps have said they are looking at using more “traditional” methods to protect networks.4.

The U.N. Security Council is considering a resolution that calls for the use “of a comprehensive, high-level cyber strategy” by all member states.

Russia has been working on that resolution for years.5.

The National Security Agency says hackers from China have accessed information on U.K. government computers, a breach that it says came after the government failed to provide them with a secure location to install malware.

The agency says the attack has “devastating implications” for Britain.6.

The Associated Press has learned that the FBI is conducting an investigation into a potential hacking attack against the Federal Reserve System.

The FBI says the hacking was aimed at the Federal Open Market Committee and that the theft of the documents could help the bureau determine whether to launch a probe.7.

The federal government says it will deploy additional cybersecurity resources to help protect against attacks on federal facilities.

DHS said it will provide $1 billion to support this effort.8.

The Federal Communications Commission has approved a $10 million grant to help states build more cybersecurity programs.

The commission says it is working on a program that will provide “further technical assistance” to states to help them protect their critical infrastructure.9.

The FAA says a hacker used the FAA’s Flight Data Recorder to steal sensitive flight data.

The data includes the flight paths of more than 5,000 flights and information about passengers and crew.

The FAA said it is cooperating with law enforcement and that it has notified all the parties involved of the breach.10.

The Trump administration has begun reviewing the federal cybersecurity laws and has asked the House Homeland Security Committee to consider drafting legislation that would establish a cybersecurity board to oversee the implementation of federal cyber policies.

The proposal is a compromise of the House’s cybersecurity bill that was introduced in April.11.

The Securities and Exchange Commission says it was notified by hackers that an insider trading scheme was taking place in a financial company.

The SEC says that insider trading is prohibited under the law.

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