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With their new shirt, the Ligue 1 outfit will be a step above everyone else.

It is a bold statement for a team that has won two trophies in five years.

The Ligue 2 title was the most coveted trophy in the world at the start of the season, and is still the most sought after prize in the football world.

And it’s a challenge that will have its limits.

In this video, I take you through every single detail of the new shirt.

What makes it the best?

What is the advantage of wearing the shirt?

How do you differentiate the LFP from the La Liga title?

How does the shirt compare to the other LFP shirts?

All of this will be covered in the next article.

If you are new to the LFC shirt, you can find out more about it here.

Who will wear it?

The LFP is a five-team league based in Lyon, and the three clubs from the bottom four positions have been relegated from Ligue 0.

Their two biggest rivals, Lyon and Marseille, will now play each other in the Champions League quarter-finals in April.

If the teams of the bottom two positions are to qualify for the quarter-final, they will have to play each of their top three sides in their own league, and only one team will have the opportunity to play against the other.

This means that the two top sides in the league, the two teams who have won the league title, and two teams with the most points will be facing each other.

In other words, it will be the most competitive league in the history of football.

What are the other teams doing?

The other four clubs in the LFB have been eliminated from the competition.

They are: Marseille Marseille (2) Marseille has won the last three LFP titles, but have not played in the last four.

This is a good thing, because they could have been in the final of the competition if not for a controversial decision.

In the past, the champions of Ligue de Football (LFP) were allowed to keep their first place in the competition until the end of the 2016/17 season, so the teams from Marseille and Marseilla were eliminated.

The second-placed team would then play Lyon in the first round of the Champions league, while the winners would then face Marseille in the second round.

This year, the French clubs have agreed that if one of the teams in the fourth place position does not play, the third-placed club from the fifth-placed group will play them.

So, the fourth-placed Marseille will have a chance to qualify.

This would mean that Lyon, which has won all three of its Champions League games, would have to take on Marseille.

What happens next?

If both sides win their respective matches in the quarterfinals, the next round of matches will be played in April, with the top two teams from the group play in the semi-finals.

At the end, the top-two teams will face each other to determine who will go to the final, and in the case of a tie, the first-place team will face the second-place.

Who wins?

The winner will face either Lyon or Marseille at home.

But if the teams who finished fourth and fifth in the previous round qualify, the winners will face one another.

The winner of that game will then face either Marseille or Lyon.

This will be one of two outcomes: the second place team from the third group will face Lyon in Paris, while Lyon will have Paris to face.

What does this mean for the next LFP season?

The current league season starts on Sunday, April 1st.

So far, the three sides are evenly matched in points.

In fact, there are just three teams in total who have a clear advantage over each other: Lyon, Marseille; and Marseilles.

There are also five teams that have no clear advantage at all: Lyon (1), Marseille , Marseille  (2), Marseilles  and Marseille .

It is up to the two second-tier teams to determine which side will go into the next group stage, which will take place on March 24.

The group will start on May 13, with a round of 16 in which all teams will play each others first-round matches.

This match is also the last chance for teams in lower divisions to qualify from the second group stage.

What will happen in the playoffs?

The second round will be decided by the winner of the last two games of the quarter finals.

The top-three from the previous group will be guaranteed a place in next season’s LFP.

However, in the end all four teams will meet in the semifinals.

How do we know who is the winner?

Every single player in the club will wear a different shirt.

Each of the three LFB players will wear one, and their opponent will wear another.

Here is how it will look for each player:

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