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The Irish government is to step up its efforts to stop domain name hosting companies selling their own domain names.

Domains are being used by businesses and individuals who want to avoid having to purchase a domain name from a registered registrar.

Domain name services have been booming for years but the government has stepped in, announcing in the Irish parliament that it will take a tougher stance.

The Government will no longer accept domain name auctions for business, and it will enforce a number of rules against domain name brokers and resellers.

The move follows a series of legal actions by Irish citizens who want their own names to be registered on the country’s internet.

The Irish Government said that it would use the legislation to tackle companies that use domain names for the purposes of facilitating illegal activities, and to encourage the public to register their own domains.

It said that registrars who were “misleading customers” about the registration of their domains would be held responsible for all the costs incurred.

Online domain registration was a “significant and growing source of revenue” for the Government and was also a significant source of profits for small business.

“This legislation is aimed at ensuring that the domain name industry is regulated properly,” the Government said.

“We believe that these measures will deter companies from engaging in illegal activities.”

The Irish government said that if it is successful, it would consider creating a new national register of domain names to enforce the new rules.

“The registration of domain name domains in the Republic of Ireland is a significant and growing industry,” the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform said.

“The Government is committed to protecting the industry, which generates an estimated €10bn per year in tax revenue.”

Registrars will be required to register all domain names on the Republic’s national register, which will ensure that the industry remains safe and free from the illegal use of domain information.

“The Department of Transport and Communications also announced that it had been working on an internet regulation scheme.

The scheme would aim to ensure that new or existing internet service providers were complying with new or established rules relating to the transfer of personal data.”

Online service providers should be required by law to comply with existing rules regarding the transfer and storage of personal information,” the department said.

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