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By now you’ve probably seen that Facebook was purchased by the Facebook family for $19 billion.

And while that deal was announced in July, there have been plenty of rumors about what the company will look like after it’s gone.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

What is the Facebook company?

Facebook is a social network with 1.2 billion users and a $2.3 billion valuation.

Its mission is to create a more connected world.

And it’s doing so by using its massive data-mining algorithms to help users find and share information, from news to art to entertainment.

But its founders believe that this is just the beginning.

They want to build a new, better world that will bring people together.

This new world will be built on the foundation of Facebook, and it will include Facebook-owned news organizations, Facebook-branded apps, and social networks like WhatsApp and Instagram.

The result is a world that is built to better connect people, and this new world can be a good thing for everyone.2.

Who owns Facebook?

Facebook has a lot of money.

And that’s why its stock price has been so high.

Facebook shares are now trading at about $68 a share.

It is one of the largest tech companies in the world.

It has billions of dollars in cash and debt.

Its founders want to make sure that Facebook is a company that stays healthy.

They believe that a company with such a big investment in itself will last for many years to come.3.

How much is the deal worth?

The deal has a valuation of $19.7 billion, according to FactSet.

It includes $1.7 trillion in stock and debt, $600 million of convertible notes, and $400 million of cash.

It also includes $500 million of debt.

The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of about 1:1.

This means that the company owes about $2 billion to its investors.

Facebook is in the process of refinancing its debt.

The deal was approved by the boards of directors at Facebook, which is controlled by Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, according an SEC filing.

They are also the owners of a majority stake in Facebook.4.

How will this new company operate?

Facebook’s stock is trading at around $68.

Facebook has $600 billion in cash, but it’s also borrowing money to fund its operations.

So the company is going to need to borrow money.

Facebook will have to borrow at least $1 billion to stay afloat.

The deal calls for Facebook to issue bonds.

The bond issue will be made available to public investors at a future date.5.

Will Facebook be owned by the company?

Yes, according the filing.

The stockholders will own 60% of Facebook.

The rest of the shares will be held by a “controlled company,” which means that it will be controlled by the founders.

The owners will also control the company’s board and executive committee, which will have voting rights over the company.

Facebook also will have a board of directors, a “management committee,” and an advisory board.6.

Will there be any competition to buy Facebook?


The Facebook IPO will be a proxy vote for the board’s approval of the deal.

It’s a vote of confidence for the stockholders and the board that Facebook will be able to continue to grow and innovate.

The public will also vote on the sale of Facebook in the future.

The companies plans for the future are unclear at this time.

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