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With the proliferation of internet connections, it’s easy to forget how little we actually use our homes.

But when you need to set up your home office, you can use an internet-connected kitchen appliance that can make your office space much more livable.

1 / 12 How to Build a Kitchen With a Tiny Cabinet The idea is simple: take a simple cabinet and connect a kitchen appliance to it, then use a router to route all the power to your home.

You can even customize the appliances, adding more accessories, or even adding a dishwasher and dishwasher stand.

1 * The idea was first floated by a designer named Chris Cogan, who has since shared the instructions and a video showing how to build a kitchen cabinet using just the bare essentials.

And the results are stunning.

2 / 12 The Kitchen Cabinet for Two features a flat top and three sides to hold dishes, a sink, and a dish-washer, while the cabinet can also serve as a work space and storage.

3 / 12 This DIY Kitchen Cabinet from Home Depot can be customized for the size of your kitchen and the style of your work space.

4 / 12 We’ve highlighted some of the best kitchen cabinets available online, and the DIY Kitchen Cabinets of America are a must-have for any DIY home owner.

5 / 12 Check out the best of the DIY kitchen cabinets from Home Depots.

6 / 12 DIY Kitchen cabinets can be a great tool to keep your work spaces neat and organized.

7 / 12 It’s easy enough to build your own kitchen cabinets and get them into the office, but what if you need more storage space or need to move appliances?

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

8 / 12 You can also add a dish rack or a shelf to your kitchen cabinets, adding storage space and additional shelves for appliances.

9 / 12 Make your kitchen a work place with these DIY Kitchen Cabs from HomeDepots.

They feature shelves and storage space for your appliances.

10 / 12 Here are some of our favorite DIY Kitchen Cabins from Homedepots.

11 / 12 There are many different ways to build these DIY kitchen cabs, but we think we found a really cool way to add storage for your kitchen appliances.

12 / 12 These DIY Kitchen cabs from Ikea make it easy to add a dining table or two to your work place.

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